Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanks Coach!

Every chapter is trying to engage members and motivate them to participate in chapter meeting and events.  One thing has become clear over time, family commitments have become more of a factor.  If you don't believe me, just ask a superintendent whose children play sports. Then ask if they coach. You might not believe what you hear!

GCSAA Class A member Andrew McHugh in New Hampshire coaches his sons' baseball teams, and has coached up to five basketball teams in one season.  Bob Kelly, CGCS, in New York has a daughter who plays softball at a high level. Guess how many teams he coaches? Guess how many games she plays? A lot. While I was on a visit to Ontario I went three for four. I asked four members if they coached their kids hockey teams, and three said yes.

I was told by one superintendent that perhaps people in this line of work take an active role in the things they do on and off the course, and children's sports are no exception. I agree. So maybe if chapters found a time in the kids' off-season to host a chapter event perhaps everyone could attend. If anyone actually knows when that time occurs, could you please let me know.

To all our GCSAA member coaches, two quick words: Thanks Coach!



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