Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome to the Northeast regional page

As your field staff representative in the Northeast, I have always put an emphasis on my duty to communicate to you: the member.

All communication tools have their pros and cons, as we all know. I really enjoy writing for your chapter publications, which allows me to share information with you on a monthly basis (strength). If I actually wrote all I wanted, I would fill half the publication and your advertisers and chapter executives would really dislike me (con). I signed up for Twitter not long after starting in this position. I got instant access to a whole following (pro). But really, 140 characters? I think that was designed by people who believe there's enough leg room on airplanes (con). In addition, we communicate all our field staff engagements and meetings to the GCSAA staff and board through a newsletter-style document (pro); but now there are nine of us, each with five to 10 things to write about. You do the math (con).

So let me officially welcome you to our newest tool: the regional blog. I hope to bring you useful information on a more timely basis than chapter publications, have a little leg room to add more detail, and keep it relevant to you here in the Northeast.  All that, and you get to participate too. That is six pros for you scoring at home. Hopefully they'll be very few cons to work on later, but let's not spoil the launch.

This should be fun! Welcome to the Northeast region page, where along with my blog, you'll find news, resources, links and forum discussions just for you. I look forward to communicating with you again soon.

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